It’s starting to look like ..something

After playing with the 3D-printer for a week I finally master it well enough that I can begin printing parts for the Raman spectrometer. The following pictures are of parts for the optical path of the laser.

The microscope objective, the beam splitter and a tube containing a 542 nm long pass interference filter followed by a plano-convex lens:


Here the small laser clean-up filter is more visible. It’s a 532 nm bandpass interference filter with a bandwidth of 2 nm (FWHM). It’s job is to minimize fluctuations in the laser’s wavelength:


The transmission curve for the filter looks like this:


The laser is a diode-pumped solid state laser, and should in principle deliver a clean 532 nm ±1 nm, and the filter will take care of any deviations.

More pictures:



Lastly, with the top half on and the optic fiber adapter in place, photographed with a 5 cm mirror and a 1€ coin for scale.


It’s not as sexy fl@tc@t’s design, but as my girlfriend dryly remarked:

we are closer to Germany

The spectrograph and the beam dump will have to wait until after my vacation – my flat is too small to have the 3D printer at home (it’s really very small), so it sits at work.

In the meantime, I will hopefully get the ARM-microcontroller up and running. The CCD (TCD1304) requires careful timing of the driving signals, and I have a fear that DMA will be necessary when reading the pixels.


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