Proper focus

Spring didn’t leave much time to work on the project, but hopefully I will get a little somewhere before we start travelling.

A few posts ago I posted this picture of the first laser light to hit the diffraction grating:


Unfiltered 532 nm laser light, collimated and directed at a 1200 l/mm holographic diffraction grating.

I always had the feeling that this was not really representative of the actual output of the laser, I just couldn’t manage getting the light properly focused on the aperture of the fiber. But today I did:


Of course this is not the light I’m interested in at all, but it does give you an idea of how critical proper alignment is. At this point I don’t think I’ve been able to achieve this with the microscope lens in the setup.

I’ll probably have to rethink the Raman setup to allow for (somewhat) precise movement of the microscope objective and the lens tube with the spherical lens and optical fiber. Unfortunately the 3D-printer is also on school holiday.


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