Tired of pi – try UART

The first functional UART-enabled firmware and GUI is ready.

You can now run the Otterly CCD GUI directly on your computer without the need for that annoying little rpi. Downside is the speed. UART is app. 150x slower than SPI.

So why bother with an even older and simpler communication protocol than SPI?

Well for now there’s no good reason except you save yourself the trouble of having to connect the rpi and nucleo. The real reason to go with UART is that without a master, the MCU can now decide when to transmit. This may not seem like a big deal – and it probably isn’t – but I haven’t been able to reliably do timed reads of the CCD using SPI. This will change (someday soon).

For downloads and slightly more info goto: tcd1304.wordpress.com


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