Line camera command line

Command line line camera! Line camera line commander? DIY command line camera!? I thought I would be able to make a cool combination with these four words, but obviously not..

I’ve been looking more and more at how Hr. Fröhlich has continued to improve the interface for the linear CCD firmware, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I cannot possibly write a very good GUI.

What the world really needs is something that will make the linear CCD module more modular on the software side, making it much easier to tailor the hardware to your software.

So here it is: A command line interface for the linear CCD module.

There’s also a new SPI-firmware revision, to make the SPI-firmware “pin-compatible” with the UART-firmware and give it all the bells and whistles of the UART-version.

It will be followed up with a similar CLI for the UART, hopefully tomorrow (march 19).


The UART-CLI telling you how to push its buttons.


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