Evermore convenient

My new (used) laptop is killing me. The f#$@%%# track-pad is messing with me even though it’s disabled in BIOS. Laptops are not made the way they used to back in the good old IBM days.

Where am I going with this? Well, the graphical user interface for the UART-firmware requires lots of petting of the mouse (track-point), and real men and women don’t touch filthy animals, they use the terminal.

The GUI was just so convenient for doing quick test reads and display of the data, so I’ve often used it. Of course it’s only convenient until you want to change the parameters, or the tty changed or ..insert own nuisance, then it’s the hell of click-this click-that).

So here is the new Otterly CLI with gnuplot preview

and stay tuned, despite a long stretch of inactivity on-line, I have some stuff coming to a blog near you in the not-so-distant future.

(oh yeah there are also updates to the SPI-firmware and CLI, so check out the downloads section and changelogs at tcd1304.wordpress.com)


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