(my) Latest spectrograph advances

With my girlfriend out of the flat for a few days, it was time to finally do something about the spectrograph. If you’ve been looking at my hackaday projects you may know I’m trying to make a Gil-Simon spectrograph.¹

Much like nuclear fusion reactor technology, my Raman spectrometer has been close to completion since the beginning, and right now I’m closer than ever, and I have the pictures to prove it:


All mirror mounts approximately in their final positions.

As evident from the photo, I’ve become quite adept at anodizing aluminium.

The geometry of the spectrograph is more apparent here:


Here a few of the mirrors are in place:


In the vertical mount: Two 90° off-axis parabolic mirrors (OAP).
In the top center kinematic mount: A 25,4mm elliptical plane mirror.

The mirrors work: The reflection of Little My is caught by mirror on the aluminium angle on the right and focused by the two OAPs:


Unfortunately my 3D printer is out of commision for the time being, so for the time being, I cannot print a mount for the grating..

[1] M. A. Gil and J. M. Simon, “New plane grating monochromator with off-axis parabolical mirrors,” Appl. Opt. 22, 152-158 (1983)


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