Learning from mistakes – A new cold tip

3D-printing is not exactly fast, but at least my effective work-time is limited to drawing up the parts in openscad. Working in metal, however, is tedious and at times hard work too (I hate that).

So mistakes when making metal parts are expensive in time and money (but mostly time). I can’t remember when I figured out that 3D-printed drill-templates are a dog-send (I’m slow, so probably far too late).

But why stop at that.  I’ve invested in a small CNC-mill (Proxxon MF 70), so I’ll have to draw the parts anyway, and I might as well make 3D-printed dummies of the rotating heat-sink, before putting the CNC to work.

My 3D-printer is at work (in fact, it’s not my printer any longer, the school acquired it from after an amusing mistake where management claimed that the school possessed a 3D-printer), so printing will have to wait until Monday, but I can still show of the drawings:


From the top: CCD-PCB, cold-tip, peltier-element, rotating heat-sink, fixed heat-sink.

The top layers will be fixed relative to each, and hopefully look something like this:


Notice the hole in the center of the bottom part. This is the rotational axis, and the hole will be threaded and used to secure the assembly to the part of the heat-sink fixed to the chassis of the spectrometer.

Hopefully printing dummies will help me catch any mistakes before they are permanently manifested in aluminium.

2 thoughts on “Learning from mistakes – A new cold tip

  1. Shane Niemela says:

    Can you tell me the frequency and duty cycle of all three clocks? I am driving my CCD without the microcontroller and My master clock is 1 MHz.


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