New toy day

Ok, so my CNC-mill actually arrived a few weeks ago, and I completed the control electronics last week (with quite a bit of delay, thanks to a set of burnt motor drivers).

In the meantime I’ve been trying to get my head around coordinate systems of the CNC-world, FreeCAD, GRBL, bCNC, gcode, climb-milling and conventional milling and possibly other things as well. I’ve tried to collect my thoughts here. It’s still a work in progress, but the CNC-mill is now up and running and I have the pictures to prove it:

Here’s the cold-tip for the CCD:



There are track-marks from the CNC. You can see them, but not feel them (and not just because you are sitting behind a screen), so I’m curious to see how it will respond when I anodise it black tomorrow.

The cold-tip is just one third of the entire rotating thermoelectrically cooled CCD-mount. The other two parts will be much less work. It’s basically just cutting two appropriately sized pieces of aluminium and drilling 13 holes. A task that would have been tedious and impossible (I’m still not good enough with my drill press that I can drill within the tolerances I want/need).


2 thoughts on “New toy day

  1. Hi Malccin. No no, no abandonment 🙂 Work, life, mistakes and holidays just came in the way. I accidentally broke my peltier and ordered a new one. I’m down to -12 °C now, which I still consider too high, so instead of cheap peltiers from china, I’ve now bought one from a reputable brand. Once I’m done reading 1Q84, I’ll try and install it and see where it takes me. If -12 °C continues to be the limit I’ll have to settle with that.


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