You should definitely read this!

I’m not back-editing my posts.

Once in while I find out that I was wrong, have taken a stupid decision with regards to my design or simply bought something expensive that wasn’t needed after all.

I will try my best to give updates when that happens, after all there’s no reason for anyone else to make the same stupid mistakes.

However, because I’m not back-editing, you won’t find out, if you only read the misfactual posts.

So what can you do about it?

  • Read my entire blog, and preferably confirm the information with a second source.

That’s a lot of reading, especially that last part. Is there no way to cheat?

  • If you’re reading about the TCD1304 and/or the STM32F401RE, make sure you also check out I keep that site up-to-date with any corrections and/or alterations. Lastly, read the comments in the source code.
  • If you’re reading about all the rest, try your favourite search-engine with what-ever you’re after, eg:
beam dump
  • Write me an email. I’ll be happy to answer most any questions.